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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 
7:00 PM
Location: Science & Technology Building
# 70 on ESU Map
Mike Gadomski

The film takes the viewer on a tour of Pennsylvania’s natural and wild areas starting in the southwestern part of the state and circles around to the southeast, while covering the entire state, and pointing out important ecological features and their unique roles. The camera club members will find inspiration for photographing nature and the film will present natural photogenic locations in the Pennsylvania. The club members will also see how a story can be made into a film format by using still only still images and how these image are combined to form a single theme while promoting a plea for the protection and preservation of the subject. A club member can than apply this to projects they may want to develop and produce whether it be a small family event or a major social journalistic issue. During the question and answer period I’ll be very happy to answer any questions about the production of the project.

Additionally here is a link to my website which has some more information about the program.



Scavenger Hunt 2014


It’s back again, The Scavenger Hunt.  We hope many will participate.

It’s really fun.  It is intended to stimulate the imagination, use a variety

of camera settings, and rely less on computer post processing.


This year will encompass photographers from both the Pocono Photo Club and the Palmerton Camera Club.  Judges will be Terry Flatt, representing the Pocono Club, and Marc Beerman, representing the Palmerton Club.  



  • Ten topics (see list at bottom).
  • All photos must be taken between April 1 and May 31.  
  • You may take as many photos of any one topic, but you can submit only one photo per topic.  
  • Minor post computer work is allowed using traditional darkroom techniques. 
  • Ok to add saturation.  Ok to add dark and light.  Ok to add contrast, etc.
  • Minor cropping allowed but the aspect ratio must remain the same.  
  • No cloning.  No post processing filters, etc. (On camera, lens filters permitted)
  • Photos may be taken in either JPEG or RAW.  Submit image format JPEG ONLY.
  • Photos are to be put on a CD or Flash Drive and turned in, on or before May 31 at Stroudsburg Foto in Stroudsburg.  (Pocono Photo Club Members).  
  • You may turn in a photo for all ten topics or just one or any portion of the ten.    


Each person is on the honor system to follow the parameters.   


Awards will be given as follows:


1.   Best overall photos of all ten topics

2.   2nd best overall photos of all topics.

3.   Best photo for a single topic regardless of topic.

4.   2nd best photo for a single topic regardless of topic.

5.   Best single photo. 


No person can receive more than one award.  




1.   Photo Showing Weather

2.   Sunrise or Sunset

3.   Photo of a Historical Site— local, county, state, or national.

4.   A Still Life of a personal treasure or keepsake.

5.   A Flowering Tree

6.   A Black and White of something Farm Related.

7    A Photo taken outside at night.   

8.   Something in 3’s.

9.   Child or Children.

10. Photo of a Photo.


 Stroudsburg Foto Contest Winners
Fisheye - Laurinda
Sharp - Patricia Brageon

The winning photos can be seen in the Fisheye/Sharp  album.




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